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Product parameters Inlet water temperature: 5 ° C -38 ° C Inlet pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa (15-60psi) Working pressure: ≦0.8MPa (125psi) Inlet and outlet: 1/2〞NPT Dimensions (length × width × height mm
Product parameters Dimensions (length × width × height mm): 520 × 314 × 866mm Rated input power / voltage: 9025W / 380V 3 ~ Water storage capacity: 60L Recommended power supply: 6mm2/40A/three-pha
Product parameters Dimensions (length × width × height mm): 490 × 210 × 650mm Rated input power / voltage: 3025W/220V ~ Water storage capacity: 20L Recommended power: 4mm2/32A/single phase three l
Intelligent without negative pressure, energy efficient. Compared with the traditional water supply mode, the variable frequency constant pressure water supply can save 30%-60% energy, flexible config
The variable frequency constant pressure water supply system implements stepless speed regulation on the pump motor. According to the water consumption and water pressure change, the microcomputer det

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Guangdong Liwen Paper Phase II Ultrapure Water Project
Guangdong Liwen Paper Phase II Ultrapure Water Project
Process Flow:In the membrane process, ultrafiltration, microfiltration instead of clarification, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, removal of suspended solids and organic matter in water

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Main features and working principle of electronic water treatment equipment
The high-frequency electronic water treatment instrument is also called the descaling and anti-scaling instrument. It is an upgraded product that has been continuously developed and developed on the b
What are the precautions in the use of pure water equipment?
1. The water production capacity of pure water equipment is above 1000L/H when the water temperature is 25°C. When the water temperature rises and drops by 1°C, the water production will increase acco
What should I pay attention to when adding water to a water treatment dosing device?
Water treatment dosing equipment is an extremely important configuration in our entire water treatment process because it can be automatically dosed as needed during processing, so this equipment is u

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